Business Center Standards

15-Jun-2016 05:14 PM PT

Keith Falco

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Does anyone know if there is a required square footage for the business center??

16-Jun-2016 02:17 AM PT

Mark Cooper

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Keith, thanks for the post. 

There is no specified minimum square footage requirement for a business center as often this depends on the size of property and number of delegates you are serving at peak times.  

In recent times, with the introduction of wireless printing etc. the focus has been more on the services provided to delegates and the 'spaces' available outside of the meeting rooms for delegates to work on laptops and charge devices. These services provided in welcoming collaborative working spaces are highly valued by delegates. 

I hope this helps, but if you would like to discuss further, feel free to contact me at 

30-Jun-2018 02:01 AM PT


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