Entrepreneurs Come Together in London to Predict,
Create and Shape the Future of Meetings

IACC brings together a unique and powerful group of entrepreneurial people and organisations, who have a story to tell. Nowhere else in the world does a group like this exist and have such an influence on the meetings industry.

A forward-thinking perspective is critical and this knowledge festival will explore how IACC venue operators can plan to capitalise on the fact that many venues will not adapt and change to the way our customers want to meet.

In September, we will address some of the hard truths and immediate opportunities for conference venues. We will tackle the need to create a radically different perception of this exclusive group of venues in an industry of event planners crying out for new ways to meet, engage and deliver exceptional meeting experiences. Consider both what you could do and as importantly, what not to do to create the right environments in your venues.


IACC’s Knowledge Festival speakers are prominent members of the meetings industry community. Their expertise, practical advice and predictions will provide attendees with the latest information on trends, new products and services and best practice.

Targeted Networking

The IACC Knowledge Festival facilitates the perfect opportunity to meet other professionals which will help you to create your own network with passionate members around the globe.


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